Leadership in Manufacturing

Greenheck is continually looking at ways to improve and innovate throughout the company. One critical factor to their success has been improvement in operational efficiencies, driven by a corporate strategy to achieve Operational Excellence.


Year-over-year productivity improvement has enabled Greenheck to offset the impact of increasing costs and still provide competitively priced products to their customers. This in turn has allowed the business to grow and to capture increased market share.

In recent years, great strides have been made toward their "Vision of Operational Excellence" through:

  • Launching a continuous improvement initiative, the Greenheck Performance System (GPS)
  • Investing capital aggressively back into the business providing state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and tooling
  • Partnering with suppliers to optimize value throughout the entire supply chain.

Through these strategies, Greenheck is blending best manufacturing practices to create flexible, low-cost processes that provide unmatched value to their customers. Greenheck's Vision of Operational Excellence consists of a well-trained workforce, easily visualized systems and cost-effective equipment focused on value-added operations.

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Greenheck Performance System – A Continuous Improvement Initiative

Greenheck Performance System (GPS)

In May 2002 the Greenheck Performance System (GPS) was launched. Through this initiative, employees have been educated and have implemented the proven methodologies of Design for Excellence, Maintenance Excellence, Business Process Improvements and Lean Manufacturing throughout the entire organization. Each of these methodologies directly correlates to the manufacturing processes employed.

For example, through Design for Excellence Strategies, Greenheck challenges itself to deliver maximum value to customers through their product designs. This product design strategy uses cross-functional teams to exploit manufacturing processes and creativity. Our Maintenance Excellence Strategy strives for optimal equipment repeatability and availability. The equipment employed must be dependable and capable, especially as inventories are reduced and move closer to just-in-time production with single-piece flow. Business process improvements focus on reducing waste in the office and transactional areas. Strategies focus on variation reduction, assuring repeatable and predictable processes. The processes must consistently produce quality parts at the right time. Through Lean Strategies, Greenheck focuses on maximizing the value in each value stream, eliminating waste and non-value added activities.

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Value Engineering – Assuring Suppliers' Processes Deliver Maximum Value

Wind Tunnel

We don't "value engineer" - we engineer value.

Greenheck constantly focuses our efforts on identifying opportunities to reduce product costs through internal and external value engineering, or purchasing cost reductions. They partner with their suppliers to assure the components that are purchased and installed in their products deliver optimal value for our customers.

Over the past few years, many significant process improvements have been implemented. The company believes that continuous improvement is a journey, not a destination.

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